Choco-Revo!! = Chocolate Revolution

Choco-Revo is a movement to change our society so that:
– Anyone can be happy with People and Earth friendly chocolate.
Everyone, including the people planting cacao, and making chocolate as well as those selling it and all of us who enjoy eating chocolate, can be happy.

We want to help increase the consumers ideas when they need to make a choice
Not only on chocolate but also help them make a difference as well, by supporting the right companies that conduct business in a manner that makes everyone happy and also environmentally friendly.
Would you like to make such a difference?
We look at such a world with these changes.

Why Choco-Revo started ?

Cacao, the Main Ingredient of Chocolate-The vast majority of the cacao imported into Japan comes from the West Africa.
In 2001, BBC and the world main media reported about the child labor problems in this sector in West African… The Bitter Reality behind Chocolate.
Forest conservation in the cacao production region, the protection of biodiversity, and symbiosis with the local people are important problems also.

On the other hand, people have begun to pay attention to fair trade and so on which helps farmers work healthily and safely and guarantees fair compensation continuously in the medium-to-long-term.
Some cacao beans were cultivated by earth-friendly farming methods including coexistence with forest trees and organic methods. Such cacao beans have been begun to be distributed in stages.

Choco-Revo follows the idea that the cacao beans cultivated by sustainable methods as above should more prevail to change the bitter reality that cacao farmers are being faced.

Activities & Events – Collaboration in Japan [06-11 season ]

Eco-Products Exhibited “Choco-Revo” booth as a special booth cooperated by the Nikkei Shimbun. And more activity in Japan.

Activities of Choco-Revo GHANA Project [07-10 season ]

Knowledge and ideas exchange between producers and providing seeds for new plant.
It’s an official project of Ghana Cocobod.

Choco-Revo donated to Cocoa Organic Farmers’ Association Ghana, over 60,000 seedlings and agricultural tools to continue their activities in sustaining cocoa forest.

The Areas of Activities

From information dissemination and promotion of pepple and Eco friendly chocolates…The areas of activities of the Team Choco-Revo!! are expanding.

Information Promotion

Information dissemination of cacao producers in Ghana and labor and earth friendly chocolate by website and events.
Support of sales promotion of companies/groups by providing sales promotion tools (posters and POP …).

Research Consultation

Marketing research in fairtrade and information of cacao production.
Consultation services for corporation activities

Product development

Production of chocolates by using people and Eco friendly cacao from Ghana.
Planning and operating of marketing activities.

Choco-Revo International

Choco-Revo International Is registered as the general incorporated association under the Ministry of Justice in Japan.
Team Choco-Revo Ghana is registered as NGO in Ghana.

We appreciate and accept sponsorships in any form including the following.
• FUNDS First of all, please contact us.
You can contribute or sponsor by depositing in the following accounts:

You can contribute or sponsor by depositing in the following accounts:
Team Choco-Revo Tomoko Hoshino
No.193-00-0503506 Blanch : Komazawa Daigaku Ekimae (193)
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (SWIFT CODE: BOTKJPJT)

You can contribute or sponsor by depositing in the following accounts:
Team Choco-Revo
050-008-443-421-7801 (GHS) ECOBANK GH LTD
050-206-443-421-7801 (USD) ECOBANK GH LTD   (SWIFT CODE: ECOCGHAC.)


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Contact us: http://www.choco-revo.net.
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Choco-Revo./279581288904

Choco-Revo International
Founder/Director: Tomoko Hoshino
Senior Director: Kazuyuki Kishi
Director: Kiyoko Yamaguchi
Auditor: Kunitoshi Kobayashi

Special Advisor: Shigeru Sumitani / Tomoyo Nonaka
Advisor: Shintaro Ichise/ Masahiro Kawatei/
Katsumi Asaba/ Naoki Adachi/ Shinichi Takemura/ Soichi Ueda/ Rieko Suzuki

Team Choco-Revo
Representative Ghana: Nana Kofi Boateng Austin